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About us


Who we are

Island Cigar Factory is a chain of Cuban Leaf cigar stores located in Key West, Florida.


Where we are

Our factory is located just a few minute drive from Puerto Plata, the beautiful capital of the Dominican Republic.


Hand Rolled Cuban Leaf Cigars

We custom make every order to perfection, using our expert hand rollers and holding them to the highest standarts of quality and freshness.


We are unique

The unique flavor and aroma of our cigars comes from using fresh caribbean tobacco hand rolled by cuban cigar leaves, making our product a boutique brand amongst cigar connoisseurs. In addition to our online and physical stores we Wholesale our brand of products to cigar shops all across the US.



  • Every bundle holds 25 cuban leaf cigars
  • Shipping to US only
  • On every purchase over 300$ shipping is FREE (for US & Canada only)